Business: The Igbo Mindset Every Nigerian Must Adopt In 2016 (1)

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  1. jummie says:

    Hmm, nice exposition. I agree with the ” Igbo people have eye for business “. This I believe is because of how accommodating they are to change and solution providers spirit in them . Great business ideas usually emerge from wanting to create a change or help humanity.
    In the words of my grandma also , ” they are not cowards ” ( as seen in times of political uprising like the Biafra).
    I have also witnessed their persuasion spirit at work at new Benin market in Edo state.

  2. Emmanuel says:

    Thanks Jummie for the apt comment!
    Your grandma said well. Every endeavour has its own peculiar risk and only the courageous and risks takers thrive in business.
    That on its own is a distinguishing attribute.

  3. I like the bit about hunger and talents, lol. Good job!!!

  1. February 9, 2016

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