Business: The Igbo Mindset Nigerians Must Adopt In 2016 (2)

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  1. jummie says:

    Hmm…very nice piece of truth .I believe one of the major problem of Nigeria in the past years is having petroleum as our major source of revenue. So, to me the current economic situation of Nigeria is more a blessing than a curse.
    Note : this is not because of abundance of food on my table , but the fact that it will wake us up to diversification in an attempt to survive (bringing alive the entrepreneurial giants in us ). Nigeria survived and was doing well before oil discovery , this will make us stretch and look at other means like agriculture and building of our tax system as well ensuring efficient checks and balances
    A mind set that should be looked into be all of us is “it’s my thing / I want to do my own thing ” most of the time, to build a strong empire you need the help of like, there is need for Networking (connecting yourself to the right people ).
    Finally !! Start small !! A whole lot of us have big dreams, but the fact is that success is a journey , you can’t jump stairs and expect to still have a steady breath at the final destination.. so, start where you are..

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