MTN or Glo: Who Copied Who?

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3 Responses

  1. Wizzard says:

    You accuse people of plagiarism, yet call the executions ‘brilliant’. Why bother critiquing if you’re still going to attempt to massage their egos? Just say it as is – They are both lame ads, very typical of most Nigerian brands, especially the so called big ones, who only hide under the pretty obvious but tacky strategy of Celebrity Appeal aka Brand Ambassadorship these days. Come to think of it, Airtel was the pioneer of this same product (Borrow airtime). It was beta-tested and launched successfully more than a year ago. Which means the likes of Glo and MTN had more than enough time to do their homework before releasing this crap.

    • Emmanuel says:

      @Wizzard Point Noted!
      But don’t just jump to conclusion and refer to both ads as lame…because there is a duplication of idea doesn’t mean the copy is lame! Are you the TA? Do you have prove that it is not achieving its purpose?

    • Emmanuel says:

      True…Airtel laid the foundation and obviously both sides had a lot of time to do something better which they did…but for the executions “they” should blame their agencies for not playing as professionals…

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